CMK Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist

4th generation high quality CMK series electric wire rope hoists are designed for heavy condition that is up to 80.000kg lifting capacity. CMK series electric wire rope hoist have creative mechanical design, special crane drivers on each motion, high lifting capacity and electronic braking system.

CM Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist

High quality CM series electric wire rope hoists are designed for medium-heavy conditions that is up to 37.500kg lifting capacity. CM series provide easy installation with stable welding structure and they are very reliable industrial hoists with hoisting motion via double speed by pole changing motor and trolley traversing controlled with frequency inverter.

End Truck Carriages, Wheel Blocks, and Travel Systems

CMAK end truck carriage and long travel systems are produced with high-tech geometrical controls. End truck carriages are designed and produced in FEM classifications to meet required duty.


HoistSense is an advanced electronic system that constantly keeps track of usage, load and critical incidents; while using these information to the advantage of the user to further increase the efficiency and decrease the downtime of the hoist.

  • Stored Parameters
  • Functions
  • Features
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Safe Working
  • Weighing Display
  • Service Optimization
  • Informative Display
  • Easy to Use
  • Stand-alone Application
  • Weighing and Informative Display
  • Overload Limiter
  • Faster speeds depending on the load
  • Dynamic Service Timer
  • Remaining Safe Working Period (SWP) of the hoist
  • Current load on the hook
  • Total number of overload incidents
  • Total running time of the hoisting motor
  • Mean load
  • Load Spectrum ( Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy )
  • Total number of starts
  • Time to next maintenance ( depending on the usage – Dynamic ) Duty

PVC Enclosed busbar

CMAK Enclosed Busbar systems provide easily assembled, robust, problem-free and modular power system for cranes and moving machines.


  • Modular design.
  • Fault-proof assembly
  • PVC Closed Box Type [Capacity 40-200 Amp][/Capacity]
  • Dust proof (optional)
  • 40-80-120 A Collectors
  • Minimum of 10 years spare part guarantee.

Cable Festoon system

CMAK crane’s electricity systems are carefully selected and applied as appropriate crane electricity installation. CMAK electricity systems provide easy installation, modularity and the appropriate solution to your application thanks to the plug/socket system principle.


  • Cable Festoon System or Dynamic Cable Protection
  • Low cost and efficient working thanks to cable trolley systems.
  • All attachments and suspension systems are connected by bolts.
  • Efficient operation up to 60 meters
  • Plastic and steel cable trolley chassis
  • Easily replaced incase of damage.
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